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  • Ecofreen Heat Transfer Film

    ECOFREEN offers an advanced and high quality line of Heat Transfer Film that are easy to cut and heat apply for permanent applications.

    ECOFREEN has the right materials for every job, fabric, garment, or textiles.

    * Please feel free to contact us for detail information of sublimation paper that you are interested in

    ① Easily create vibrant graphics and designs with a printer and printable heat transfer film.

    ② Main application for heat transfer film is for the major brand logo and back numbers for sportswear.


    Wide range of sizes and lengths available for every budget


    ᆞ PU SELF-CUT Heat Transfer Film
    ᆞ PVC SELF-CUT Heat Transfer film
    ᆞ PU Printable Film
    ᆞ PVC Printable Film
    ᆞ PU Printable Film for Sublimation
    ᆞ Glitter Heat Transfer Film
    ᆞ Metallic Heat Transfer Film
    ᆞ Metallic Foil(Elastic) Heat Transfer Film
    ᆞ Hologram Heat Transfer Film
    ᆞ Reflective Heat Transfer Film
    ᆞ Masking Film

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