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  • DTF Station] XL2 DTF Printer

    The Fastest DTF Printer EVER? Prestige XL2: Speed Test



    · 42.52 inch Heater: Longer heater/dryer than other dryers to accommodate Faster DTF roll-to-roll  printers. 

    · Compact Size: Smaller in comparison to other DTF powder applicators, without sacrificing quality or performance.

    · Advanced Built-in HEPA 2 Layer Air Filters filter out any fumes from DTF powdering. These low maintenance, easy-to-replace filters keep your working environment clean and safe.

    · Advanced Film Detector: With the built-in film sensor, the Seismo A24 automatically turns off and on the power station and heating elements. This results in a lower power requirement of 220v 21 Amp (consumes approximately 30% less than the older generation).

    · Advanced powder ventilation within the powder station: Heating fans help reduce any powder build-up in the powdering station, meaning less maintenance for the user.

    · Air vacuum conveyor system: Air vacuums at the front and back of the conveyor keep film from slipping or moving. They also help to align the DTF film to achieve even heating throughout the heater/dryer.

    · Advanced Take-Up System: Additional tension bar to roll up the finished DTF films better.

    · LCD Touch Screen: Easy to monitor and control 

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