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  • DTF Cutting Plotter

    Performance Introduction 


    - Adopt servo motor drive mode, with intelligent AI algorithm, to bring high quality experience for shaped cutting.


    - Camera positioning tracking system, accurate and sensitive, indentify cutting all kinds of shaped patterns.
    - Automatic contour extraction, no need for professional operators, reduce the threshold of equipment peration.
    - Patented platform structure design, multi-zone vacuum adsorption design, low noise, strong suction power.
    - LCD high-definition touch screen, so that the vision is more beautiful, more convenient control.
    - Fully expandable multiple transmission interfaces, USB, USB flash drive, Ethernet port.
    - The automatic feeding device easily achieves the perfect docking for long format cutting processing, and with the support of the camera positioning real-time tracking system, it achieves accurate and stable contour cutting.
    - Advanced high-end multi-axis high-speed servo motion control system developed by ourselves, accurate cutting, smooth curve, high power strength to creat a shocking work.
    - The streamlined sheet metal body, which is designed with care and texture, is unique in the beauty of technology.


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