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  • Ecofreen Pretreat Machine

    ** NEW !! ** MISTER-T2 - Specifications, Features, Demonstration                       

    ECOFREEN Mister-T2 & EPSON SC-F3060 DTG 프린터 

    ECOFREEN Mister-T2 & Stahls Hotronix Fusion Press

    Mister-T2  &  Brother GTX Pro DTG Printer

    Mister-T2  - Leaflet

    Mister-T2  - Operator's Manual


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     Ecofreen Distributors in North America

    If you have any technical inquiry or technical support, please contact us. 

    We will reply to you in 24 hours. 

    Technical Support




    Phone number

    Serial Number

    It is on the sticker located back of the machine.




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    Assembly Line 


    Ecofreen Co., Ltd. based in Korea develop, manufacture and export the total solutions of Digital Textile Printing.        With innovative and creative solutions designed to meet the needs of customers, Ecofreen always try to deliver the industries most advanced, precise and reliable quality standards.

    Mister-T1 is advanced pretreat spray machine with hassle free automatic nozzle cleaning and anti-clogging wet cap. With smooth and precise injection of this machine, you can get fine quality of printing and consistent out come.

    It is light weight and has compact size. You are able to carry and place in the limited space. Also, you are able to clean and operate easily without any specific skills. Save your time and cost with this machine!                                            
    Ecofreen assure the very cost-efficient solution with consistent and reliable quality

    Main Features

    ᆞ Rust Free Structures and Parts (All Aluminum and Stainless Steel Structures)                                
    ᆞ Hassel Free Anti Nozzle Drying or Clogging System with Capping Station                                
    ᆞ Smart Auto Nozzle Cleaning and Flushing Program                                
    ᆞ Consistent Spraying with Single Nozzle                                
    ᆞ Fully Electric Version (No Air Compressure Required)                                
    ᆞ  User Friendly Operation with Touch Control Panel                                 
    ᆞ Open Top Design with Easy Maintenance                                
    ᆞ Uni-directional or Bi-directional Mode with Quick Spraying                                
    ᆞ Closed System




    This easy to use, all electric pretreat machine is the perfect addition to any direct-to-garment printers such as the Epson SureColor F2100 & F2000, Brother GT3 & GTX, Polyprint Printers

    * Please watch this video which shows its structures, installations, how to use, etc.

    "MISTER-T1 - Structure, Function, Demonstration Video"                                   

    "MISTER-T1 Highlights "                                   

    "ALL about Pretreating with MISTER-T1"                                   

    "Consistent and Even Spraying over the Platen by MISTER-T1"                                   

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